The Tower (over the thought of random happenings), Malibu ca

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License: Non-Commercial
Author: ™ Pacheco
Septia Love. I drive this road often, high on the hilltops of Coral Canyon. Some days it's windy road glimmers in golden sunlight...grey pavement sparkling thru golden grasses... dramatically twisting and turning into the distance thru the ever changing Malibu mountain tops. It's a great place to watch the marine layer come in. With that someone special of course. Quite often, in the June Gloom months, morning light reveals a solid wall of clouds towering into the western sky.... hovering over the PCH... ominous.... defiant..... spooky...... stunningly beautiful. Only to soon to burn off in the afternoon sun... well before most people venture out into the illuminated illusions we call life and experience. Moving picture frames is all. Although, If your an early bird'ola like me... into owl hoots and flying bats... frog songs and orchestral insect hum..... inquisitive Bambie heads peeking thru grassy fields.... and who mysteriously seems to gain strength and wisdom from the very simple dance of mother nature and her wonderful web of drama and quiet miracles .... you just might catch a few roadways swerve into the misty unknowns and notice your imagination soar with wonder and your lips curl over the thought of random happenings. "Take a drive, you might find what your after... I know you like the long way home."

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